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Oil Change/Jollyville

Oil Change/Jollyville

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We are located in Round Rock nearby Jollyville, a neighborhood in the City of Austin, Texas. Until 2010, it was a census-designated place in Travis and Williamson counties but has since been annexed into Austin. As of the 2010 census, the population of Jollyville was 16,151. Today, the community is an upscale residential neighborhood. Its location near Lake Travis makes it a desirable place for families. A recent study suggests that the neighborhood’s residents are very proud of their locality and are proud to live there.

The city of Jollyville was formed after the Civil War. Elisha Prewitt, a Civil War veteran, donated land for a school in the community. In 1878, the community had 35 residents. In 1940, there were 40 residents, and it grew to a population of 15,000 by the 1990 census. The city is located in the northeastern part of Travis County. In the early 1840s, Henry Rhodes and Elisha Prewitt settled the area. Both were survivors of the Battle of San Jacinto. The town was also annexed by Austin.

After the Civil War, the community formed. Eventually, a school was built and Elisha Prewitt donated land for a community library. In 1903, the community had 35 residents. By the 1990 Census, Jolly had grown to a population of 15,000 people. The city extends into Travis County, which makes it an easy destination for visitors. In the 1840s, the area was settled by Henry Rhodes, a farmer and rancher. In 1845, the town was founded by Civil War veterans, including Elisha Prewitt, who fought at the Battle of San Jacinto.