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Oil Change/Georgetown

Oil Change/Georgetown

Engine oil is an essential part of your vehicle. Regularly changing the oil will help ensure that your car’s engine works at its peak efficiency. It also reduces wear and tear and protects your vehicle’s sensitive components. It is important to remember that oil changes aren’t just cosmetic, but also important for the performance of your car. Here are a few reasons why it’s important to have your car’s oil changed regularly.

Changing your oil regularly is necessary for your car’s engine to run smoothly. It keeps internal parts lubricated and prevents friction. Over time, however, your oil will lose its ability to lubricate effectively and cause your engine to overheat and wear prematurely. The best way to avoid this problem is to have your oil changed at regular intervals. You’ll also be able to keep your engine running as smoothly as possible.

When choosing motor oil, consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Some newer cars may require full-synthetic oil, while others may only need conventional oil. High-mileage motor oil is also recommended for vehicles with over 75,000 engine miles. Aside from the oil, it is also important to check the filter and other essential components of your car. The experts at Jiffy Lube can perform an oil change as part of a car service.

We are located in Round Rock but we also have customers in nearby areas like Georgetown. The historic downtown area features the Old Williamson County Jail and 1911 Courthouse, as well as the Williamson Museum, which explores the history of the town. Fountainwood Observatory at Southwestern University is a must-see, and the city’s blue hole park is filled with a lagoon along the San Gabriel River. For a more adventurous day, you can visit the Inner Space Cavern, a vast cave filled with hundreds of stalactites and stalagmites.


Another major attraction in Georgetown is the Burkland-Frisk house, which was found on a site in Round Rock, Texas. Unfortunately, the land it was on was later redeveloped for the La Frontera development, and the historic house was broken up and moved to Georgetown in 2006. The two owners of the house, Don Martin and Bill Smalling, restored the house to its former glory and now stand on the San Gabriel Village Blvd overlooking the South San Gabriel River.


While cotton production was a major industry in Georgetown, crop diversification soon followed. The Georgetown and Granger Railroad connected Austin in 1904 and was completed in 1925. In the 1930s, the town sought flood control and a dam was built to regulate water levels in the region. The Williamson County Courthouse was erected in 1905 and opened on October 5, 1979. A short-lived unlicensed radio station operated in the area until the early 1960s, and KGTN radio station was founded in 1962. In the twentieth century, population growth and industrial development continued modestly. Since the 1990s, adaptive restoration has been practiced in the main street program and in older homes.