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Brake Repair and Brake Service Round Rock, Tx


Brake Repair and Brake Service Round Rock, Tx

Cure Brake Problems with Brake Repairs in Round Rock

Do squeaky brakes, a spongy brake pedal or less stopping power have you searching for a brake repair specialist near you in Round Rock? Central Texas Auto Care is the right locally owned shop to go to for brakes for less than other places. With our money-saving brake coupons, you don’t have to spend a fortune on the brake repairs you need to drive safely. Can you tell me when it’s time to stop by? Pay attention to your car or truck. Sounds smells, and sensations can all signal brake problems. Grinding or squealing can mean your pads and shoes are too worn. A brake warning light on your dashboard could point towards a number of issues that require professional attention. No matter the trouble, it’s best to have the problem diagnosed as soon as possible, since the damage could easily spread.

Round Rock Brake Repair Services that Top the Rest

Head to Central Texas Auto Care for a complimentary brake check in Round Rock, Tx at a time that works for your busy schedule. We’ll evaluate pad, rotor, and drum wear, along with the health of your brake fluid and parking brake. Then we’ll walk you through any services that may need to be performed, like rotor and drum replacement, brake pad replacement, brake fluid flush, or brake line replacement. Whether you need fresh fluid or new hoses, you’ll find that we’re one of the best choices for brake repair on a budget. We perform thousands of brake repairs every year!

Get Your Brakes Up to Speed in Round Rock

Putting off brake repairs is a recipe for disaster. Schedule an appointment at Central Texas Auto Care for brake service in Round Rock at the first sign of squeaky brakes, low brake fluid, or a loss of stopping power.  Our store is open 8 A.M to 6 P.M  and  Drive away with confidence knowing that because we did our job, your brakes are ready to do theirs. Visit us today!

While you’re there, let us perform a CTAC ONE Touch® Courtesy Check, which includes a visual check of the following items:

  • Engine air filter
  • Brake fluid
  • Power steering fluid
  • Automatic transmission fluid
  • Coolant/antifreeze

Brake Repair near me? The next time you ask this question, just look for the Central Texas Auto Care Family.